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Hi everyone, this is my first post so please be gentle!

After 4 years of building work and renovations, it is now time to rescue my back garden.  I have 170 sq metres of lawn, which is my 2017 challenge.

I have recently, hired a turf cutter and rotavator and left it looking like a farmers field (this was intentional).

I am looking to seed it in the near future (when it gets a little warmer), but its the next step I am unsure about.

The soil is good quality,  without any clay - but would the followers on here advise a couple of tonnes of manure first, and rake it in - followed by some topsoil?

I looked at topsoil - and am blinded by the difference, for example Rolawn is really expensive - does it  make that much difference to homebase topsoil

any product recommendations/company recommendations or a simple "do this, don't do that" will be greatly appreciated.



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