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You can't be too careful

There has been a YouTube gardening channel which I have watched with interest for some time.  Today Sean James Cameron, a much respect YouTube member posted this message on his blog:

Occasionally others have asked for financial support but I would never give to an individual without having met them first but it is quite frightening and I think that many people were taken in.


  • KT53KT53 Posts: 5,441

    The guy who posted this had better be very sure of the real situation or he could be in major trouble.  I accept that it looks very odd, but a friend of mine had a TIA and was certainly only in hospital a very short time.  Accusing somebody of fraud is a very serious step to take, particularly on an open forum.

    I'm surprised that a hospital would even discuss patient movements with a person who has no connection with the supposed patient.

  • It is certainly all very odd.  Graham produced some really interesting videos and it is sad to see his channel disappear.  We may never know.

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