Verbena Bon. question

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i have two Verbenas. One I grew from seed, and the other purchased from a garden centre last year.

The one grown from seed is in a raised bed (for cut flowers). It is all green and seems to have some new growth around the base. Here are a couple of photos of it:


The established one bought from the garden centre is in a border at the front of the house. This one looks quite different. Most of the stems are dead with just one looking green, and there appears to be no new growth at the base. Is this one dying? Should I prune at all?


Do they grow new growth from the base, or from last years stems? Really don't want to lose it as it wasn't cheap and it is the perfect height.

many thanks for any hints and tips!

sorry the photos are upside down!

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    I'd cut it back to a nice pair of buds about 4" / 100mm from the base.

  • I would cut them back as well, this is a plant that grows  from the base.

    I bought 18 verbena bonariensis from a catalogue and every one was perfect the year I bought it - then no more!  why not?  Mice eat the tubers - or the gene that stops a second show?

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    They are not very long lived, but usually seed about the place, although not in my garden, so I take cuttings.

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    They don't always survive winter Sarah, but they often seed around so it's worth keeping an eye out for the little seedlings  image

    They're also easy from seed - and it's a cheap, quick way of having lots. If you prune them back, you can also use the prunings as a cutting. Tidy and trim as you would with any cutting, and stick them in a pot of gritty compost. Tuck them away somewhere sheltered, or in a cold frame if the weather turns much colder again, and with a bit of luck, you'll get a few new ones. I've done that lots of times  image

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    Hubby cleared dozens / hundreds even seedlings from our gravel drive yesterday. I leave them to seed as the goldfinches love them, but I'm not very ruthless when it comes to removing the excess.image

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    I've pretty much almost cut mine to the ground a few weeks back, couldn't help waiting any longer image saying that, they grow big and wild. Fishy sent me a few of his left over seedlings last May, by August they were 6ft. 

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    Any new shoots can be taken as cuttings. They root in a couple of weeks, potted on, they make strong plants for planting out in May.  They flower better than first year from seed

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    I cut mine back to new side shoots a few weeks ago, but it appears it's not quite enough! Thanks for the advice Hosta!

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    Fidget, didn't know cuttings of verbena were so simple, I'm going to give it a go! Thanks!

    I cut mine back to a foot height but it sounds likethat wasnt enough image but those bits have started shooting now. Should I cut back to the base or have I left it too late please?

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