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Bargain clematis and Sweet Peas doing well! What now?!

Zo FZo F Posts: 26


imageI bought these bargain plants and they have been in the conservatory doing well. Im not sure what to do with them now? Should I pop them in the mini greenhouse, plant them out or keep them in the conservatory? They are getting taller, so seem to be doing well?

As you can see my sweet peas also seem to be healthy- any suggestions on caring for these too? 

Thanks v much!


  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 52,027

    I'd get those sweet peas somewhere cooler or they're just going to get even leggier. The mini greenhouse will be fine - they only need protection from the worst of the winter rains. Keep them well ventilated, especially on milder days. Pinch out as they grow on to keep them bushy, until they're a decent size to plant out in their final positions. Slugs and snails will just eat them while they're small, and they'll only sit there and do nothing in cold soil.

    Keep the clematis as they are for now, but again, get them outside  - just somewhere sheltered. They don't need cossetting that much. What varieties are they? 

    They'll be able to be planted out a bit later in the year. Personally, I'd pot them on in a month or so and grow them on till late summer to plant out then. They'll be much bigger and stronger that way. They take a few years to mature properly - those are young plants  image

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