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Any tip to narrow the hungry gap?

  I suspect it's going to be a lean spring.  Most of overwinter vegs were eaten by pigeons.   


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 30,009

    Sow some peas in window boxes or trough and use the shoots in salads and to garnish soups - lots of fresh vitamins and minerals.   Sow some spring onions and radishes under cloches or in window boxes.   

    Net any new brassicas you sow!

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  • I do the same as Obelixx, my south facing kitchen windowsill is amass with many pots of 4 inch pea shoots! Delicious in salads, to top stirfry's, in a lovely pita with grilled meat/veg and tzatziki, delicious :) Ready to eat in as little as two weeks from sowing. 

    Given how mild, and dry! the winter has been here in central Scotland, there's still  spinach (viroflex), lambs lettuce, claytonia and land cress aplenty coming out of the allotment. Thankfully pigeons haven't touched anything except for a little of the landcress (which surprised me given it is rather peppery, but perhaps the birds don't taste it the same way we do..). In short it's definitely worth sowing these in late August/September to fill the 'hungry gap' now!

    In terms of looking forward,my first sowings of Asian greens are growing on nicely in coldframe (Kailaan, Pak Choi, Komatsuna, Wasabi mustard), first true leaves forming and seedlings very happy. The Pak Choi and Komatsuna is likely to bolt before nice big leaves form, but this really doesn't matter to me as the young plants will be harvested whole before the flowering stems toughen up..

    Kailaan is highly recommended as it's primarily grown for the flowering shoots, so is perfect for growing when the days are lengthening so quickly like now. I tend to germinate these early brassicas inside and immediately move the seedlings out to a coldframe. This way there is no hardening off required later, and I get no leggy seedlings as they get maximal light outside from dawn to dusk. 

    I typed much more than intended, but hope it helps inspire some ideas! 

    Happy Sowing,


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  • thank you both, Oblixx and Stuart.  I will certainly sow some pea shoots.  Btw, where to get Tat Tsoi seeds?  Is It similar to Pak choi? I found slugs go for Pak choi more than other greens.

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