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Tidying Borders and what to cut back

Hello Everyone, first chance to get out into the garden today! Think i'm a little behind everyone else.  Our grass looks shocking image went to Kew Gardens just after christmas and their formal beds with grass surrounds looked incredible! How on earth is it even possible to keep grass looking that good all winter! image Never mind - I must try harder!

I have some coreopsis in the bed (the ones that grow to about 18" and have cut them back to around 6" they look a bit weedy, are they likely to grow back come the spring?  

I have lots of forget me not seedlings can I still move them around the garden or is it a little late?  they are in big patches and look a little congested.

Verbena lollipop - I have cut these down to around 6" ?

Verbena Bonariensis - cut back again to 6" or am I better off just scattering the seed heads of these into the dug over bed.  Will they germinate this spring?


  • Hello Verdun, thank you for your gardening wisdom again!

    Opps! Ive already cut both types of verbenas down to 6" i'm guessing that was a bit too early.  When your get a mild day its so easy to get carried away image  I will look out for the seedlings.

    I think the coreopsis are the perennial type...they were in a reasonable size pot for £4 last year from Waitrose on an offer.  they just feel quite floppy and weak.  Usually I am a bit too ruthless and pull most things like that out thinking its dead already but I'm trying to be more careful this year so I can save some pennies too.

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