Rejuvenating Overgrown Boxleaf Honeysuckle

We have inherited an old hedge, from internet pictures identified as boxleaf honeysuckle but I could be wrong.

It is some 8 feet tall, thick at the top, with holes at the bottom and unevenly trimmed, with another bush growing inside and damaged by overgrown brambles at the far end.

I tried to find some information and some of the sources say I can cut up to half of its height to encourage lower growth. I would like to double check as I know little about gardening and need to persuade our neighbours for such radical operation.

Any advice appreciated! Thanks,


imageimage imageimage


  • nutcutletnutcutlet PeterboroughPosts: 26,020

    Looks like Lonicera nitida. Never heard it called boxleaf honeysuckle but that describes it well. You can be brutal with these in my experience. OH cut one right back to nothing for a friend many years ago. The idea was to get rid of it but it grew back a treat

  • Thank you! Time to start sharpening the trimmer.

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