Planting hedges near building foundations

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I'm currently digging a trench to plant some box hedging along the boundary of my garden. It will be maintained at one metre in height once established. I would like to take it up to the side of my house but I am concerned about damaging the foundations. Does anyone have advice on the following questions that are concerning me:

1. How close is too close when planting a common box hedge near building foundations? What is the root radius? I'm aware that roots can damage foundations through direct and indirect (heave) actions. 

2. Can I place large plant pots into ground (levelling out a my ground level) to contain the roots of the hedge? This would allow me to plant up to the buildings perimeter without risking damage to the foundations, but will the hedge prosper and are there any drawbacks to such a method?

Your advice would be greatly appreciated as I am new to gardening : )

Many Thanks



  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 13,682

    I don't think box would damage foundations.

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  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 25,187

    Very few hedging plants would cause an issue to foundations Byron. image

    If they  did, my Dad's ten foot beech hedge  a metre from the house would have been a real issue!

    If you have room for a path between the house and the hedge, that should be more than sufficient. I've had hornbeam within four feet of a building and it never caused an issue. Box should be fine, even when quite close, so I would plant it direct - not in pots.

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  • Effectively, approximatey 3.50m from building foundations for some shrubs but box should not effect the foundation compared to a larger shrubs and trees 

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