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image hi there! I've read recently a few stories about people not getting their clivias to flower having had them for years. I think I must be lucky. I purchased a half price clivia from my local garden centre 3 years ago. It just had leaves. I repotted it and let it do its thing and I can honestly say it has flowered every year. It is beautiful!


  • I repot mine every 2yrs. flowers every year. Placed in a north facing window without net curtains or blinds and nowhere near a radiator. From 1st Jan to end of August a cup of water a week. Start adding miracle grow to water on 1st Jan once a month to end May. Cut off / remove peduncle in November.

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    Thread revival.

    I have one I potted fairly recently after inheriting it. How often should these be fed? A run-of-the-mill once a month during the growing season ok?
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    Hello @Dirty Harry,

    I use homemade comfrey feed on mine once a month from March - November .... had four flower spikes this year ....  and the flowers seem to last for ages.

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  • I have one in a twelve inch pot which needs dividing as it is starting to climb out of the pot.  Eight flower stems this year. It's in the shade in a north facing conservatory ,virtually dry in winter normal watering and feed from spring to autumn. Hope this helps.
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