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Early, mid and late blueberries?


I've been googling for a comprehensive list for a while now and to save myself any further clumsy cross referencing I thought I'd ask in here because I'm sure someone will know off the top of their head.

I'd like to know an early, a mid and a late blueberry variety that are all very tasty freshly picked, grow preferably around 1m tall and that will do well on the southern edge of the Peak District.

Thanks :)


  • WateryWatery Posts: 388

    Send an email to Trehane Nursery/Dorset Blueberry Co.   They will happily recommend you 3 bushes that do well together to cross-pollinate.   They are also an excellent place to buy from, sending out much larger and healthier plants than other places.  But they will give info happily without any pressure to buy from them.

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  • chickychicky Posts: 10,325

    I have a couple of earliblue that crop heavily, early and are tasty .....but I'm in Surrey.  Looking to add two "Chandler" to extend the season.  Nothing better than going out and picking your own blueberries and raspberries every morning to liven up breakfastimage

  • lb191lb191 Posts: 80

    Thanks for the replies. I will do that ?

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