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What is this Hedge plant?

mtpmtp Posts: 6

I have been trying to work out from tree and shrub books what this plant is... to no avail. If anyone recognises it, I would be very happy to learn what it is! Photo 1 is from the summer, and next two show it has just started flowering and buds breaking into leaf. Many thanks. 



  • It's a variety of plum, a prunus species.  Probably a tree, normally, but, obviously, that one's been kept neatly to hedge dimensions. I'll have a think re species, but by the early flower, my first thought would be prunus cerasifera, of which there are a few cultivated forms, the best known being 'Nigra' with rich purple leaves.  


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  • mtpmtp Posts: 6

    Thank you H-C! I thought it might be a Blackthorn but the leaves looked too large. It does look like Prunus cerasifera from the pictures online. I'll look out for the small plums in Summer then! Mtp 

  • Stem colour's wrong for blackthorn, which is much smaller leafed and the stems are quite dark (hence the name). Blackthorn flowers a bit later, usually March and the flowers are massed together, short stalked, each with a large number of stamens per flower, almost fluffy.


  • cornellycornelly Posts: 969

    Looks like our Arbutus.

  • mtpmtp Posts: 6

    Yes I see what you mean about the stamens and stem colour. The stamens of Blackthorn look longer too and more fluffy as you say. Thank you for sharing your knowledge! Mtp 

  • mtpmtp Posts: 6

    Thanks cornelly. Actually when i came across Arbutus unedo in our book I thought the leaves looked right. However the flowers are very different... mtp

  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,142

    this is often mistaken for blackthorn but always way ahead of blackthorn in flowering, here at least

    In the sticks near Peterborough
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