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Help! Cactus dying?!

Hi! My cacti have grown white fuzz? Is this fungi and is there any way to save then? Im in England, and they are kept next to a window, and watered once a week.

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  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Posts: 35,835

    Hi shelby. Your cactus has mealy bugs, a common pest of these plants. A good bug spray will get rid of them but I use a cocktail stick or similar and poke and prod them out of the protective 'fluff' before spraying. Some people recommend cotton buds soaked in denatured alcohol (IPA). They spread very quickly so it is best to try and keep on top of them. They do tend to hide in crevices in the plant so you need to be vigilant.

    Cacti should not be watered at all from September/ October until March

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  • Definately don't water during the winter. Even during the summer I probably only water my cacti once a month maybe and they don't get thoroughly soaked, just a small amount of water as they prefer to be on the drier side

  • my cacti don't get water at all between Halloween and Valentine's day, unless they really look like they need it (they're quite big so I haven't watered during winter for a few years now) I give them a little water in February and then a good soak on June 1st and water fortnightly till mid September when I start reducing the watering till I stop on Halloween

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