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Few I.D's and advice please

Hi there, first of all can anybody please help with identifying these below

1. This photo was taken early autumn


2. This is around 10ft and has large clusters of red berries early summer i believe it was you can just about make out the stems they were attached to.


3. This one is a tree I've struggled to identify


.4 This has appeared after clearing away some shrubs is it anything worth keeping?


.5 Another shrub I can't identify


.6 This one is grown up against a wall currently in flower in winter


7. Finally when would be the best time to trim a small beech hedge like this grown down a fence line to encourage it to thicken out?

also can anybody recommend safe herbicide to keep the grass and weeds down around the base without wiping out the trees?


Thanks for the help!


  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Posts: 36,181

    2 looks like the tree Cotoneaster cornubia. 4 looks like Hypericum. You can prune your hedge in the Spring but as it still appears to be quite young do not prune it too severely. I agree with aym about the honeysuckle but I'm sorry that I don't recognise the others.

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  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,157

    I think 1 is a berberis, Is it spiny?

    if 2 has red berries in early summer it's none of the cotoneasters, Might be a viburnum, a few more pics might help

    3 need a pic that clearly shows the shape of leaves and the twigs. Is it in leaf now?

    4 is hypericum as stated, hard to say which at this point

    5 needs more pics, stems and bark as well, 

    6 is either a Lonicera x purpusii cultivar or Lonicera frangrantissima. Probably the first as seems to have some leaves with the flowers which mine does, whereas the other doesn't.

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  • Thanks all, looking at pictures think you're right about 1. berberis, 4. hypericum and the 6. lonicera.

    Number 2 I'll have to return with when it's berries and leaves re-appear they're tight sort of clusters remind me of a arum italicum sort of tight bunch of berries but on a shrub.

    Number 3 has lost all its leaves now It was autumn I believe when I took the picture so I'll try again with that one.

    Same again with number 5 the bark is pretty smooth but I'll try some more detailed pics when the leaves re-appear.

  • LoganLogan Posts: 2,532

    There's no safe herbicide, just plain weedingimage

  • If you clear away the weeds in a line along the hedge, you could then mulch the area with wood chip, or bark or leaf mould if you have any. Maintain a mown edge on the grass, even if you want it as a meadow area, so that you can spot and deal with any incursions. After a few years the hedge will produce enough shade and deplete the soil enough to control most of the weeds naturally. Beechwoods often don't have much ground cover except fallen leavesimage

  • Could 3 be Sorbus aria, Whitebeam?  5 might be a spiraea, perhaps.

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  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,157

    I think you're right re 3 Liri

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