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Recommend what to plant please.

I want to plant something to fill in the gaps in these bushes to block out the road behind. Can you please recommend?

The ground at this site is currently covered in a floor of ivy; does this prevent anything else growing here?



  • I think it would be best to rejuvenate the laurel you already have there by some hard pruning - the laurel will soon bush out and fill the gaps.  Then clear the ivy, feed and mulch the hedge to promote growth and if you feel unsure that it will bush out enough, you can buy a couple of bare root laurel hedging plants to plant and fill in the gaps.

    Remember hedges shouldn't be cut back in the nesting season i.e. from February to mid July, so this is a job best done next autumn/winter. 

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    Gardening in Central Norfolk on improved gritty moraine over chalk ... free-draining.

  • Good advice, thanks. 

    Regarding planting bare root laurel plants, is now a good time of year to do this?

    I also considered bridging the gap with trellis and encouraging the ivy to take to it, since there's such an abundance of it. Thoughts?

  • Yes plant bare root laurels now.

    Don't be afraid to prune them hard - they will get bushier quicker.

    If you know a local tree surgeon ask them if they will drop a load of bark chippings off - many do it for free. Will help kill the Ivy and mulch and fertilise the soil

  • So is the idea to prune the tops of the plant, to encourage it to produce leaves elsewhere (making it bushier lower down). 

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