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Suggestions please for plants in pots on my 1st floor roof

wrighttwrightt Posts: 229

Put this in the plants forum but probably better on this one. Please can I have some suggestions to put in my tall 1m high 40cm x 40cm black pots which are to go on the flat 1st floor roof which I can see from my bedroom. They will have a drip system but I cannot access the roof a lot, only about twice or 3 times a year so cannot dead head regularly. I would like them to look good all year round and have impact as they are going at the end of the flat roof which is about 3m away from my window. I would however like some flowers rather than just filling them with box balls or bamboo. In addition I would like part of it to be quite tall so nobody can see into my window. The pots are going to be bolted to the roof so that they cannot fall over,

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