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In need of some advice our beautiful evergreen tree blew down in recent high wind leaving a massive gap in our fence screen. We have 2 dogs and they jump the neighbours fence if it is not screened. 

The advice I need is what is the best fast growing ornamental shrub that's not too pricey and the cherry on the top would be if it was wildlife friendly too but that not is not vital. 

All suggestions welcome 

Thank you 



  • wrighttwrightt Posts: 229

    How about a Holly you can get all sorts of different ones and if self fertile the birds will love the berries. Pyracantha or Berberis could be grown up the fence and again birds will take berries and other creatures will shelter behind the vicious thorns,  than you could plant something in front of them. Photinia Red Robbin may work but it not really wildlife friendly though birds can nest in it. 

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