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Can anyone let me know if it is feasible to grow outdoor cucumbers in pots hanging from a fence ? Would the weight of the fruits be a problem.  I've a small garden and space is at a premium so didn't want them scrambling over the ground.

Thanks for any advise


  • I grow mine in the greenhouse but they are always tied up. For the most part they fasten themselves up pretty good. You may need to help the tendrils reach onto the fence.

    On the farm I just grew them on the ground because I would only need them for pickles.

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  • Hello  I would say yes but you may have to tie the shoot , and mabe give support to the fruits but usually they do hang by themselves . 

  • Watering will be the biggest problem.  Cucumbers can be grown in pots but they have to be large ones.

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    Try some of the smaller round types or the 'lunchbox' mini cucumbers that you can find in a lot of the seed catalogues now - they are generally more robust than the more traditional long green ones

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  • Yes, I grow them in very large pots. I make a tripod of tomato canes to tie them in to for support. 

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