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Jade leaf cuttings

I took some jade leaf cuttings at the end of last summer and they are all miraculously growing now. However some are quite leggy due to the low light conditions. I have them near a window, but I was wondering whether cutting them back straight away may help them become more bushy, or if it may stunt them significantly.

I am also growing some in a heated propagator and was wondering if you think this will help the cuttings, and if so in what way and it is worth it?




  • LoganLogan Posts: 2,532

    Hi Charlie. I wouldn't cut them back, they haven't got enough growth to do it. Every day turn them around, so each side can get some light. The ones in the propergater have they rooted as well? If so take the lid off, but do it a bit  more every day to get them used to cooler conditions. But keep the heat on so they will have some bottom heat.image

  • Ok, thanks Logan

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