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Dead or dying leaves on Agapanthus

Can anyone give me a bit of advice with what to do with old and past there best leaves on Evergreen Agapanthus should I just cut whole plant down to ground or just remove old leaves. In case of deciduous Agapanthus do I cut all leave off and allow new ones to grow unhindered


  • raisingirlraisingirl Posts: 6,655

    They aren't absolutely hardy plants, so if it was me I'd leave the evergreen ones for a bit longer as they'll be protecting the crown from the worst of the frosts. The evergreen ones are usually quite tender. If the sight really offends you you'll need to provide some other 'cover' for the plants when you remove the dead leaves. The deciduous ones I also leave until the first new shoots appear - a few weeks yet here but it depends where you live - then take them off, add some food and this year's growth should be away happy.

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  • thanks for that plants in protected cold greenhouse and just anticipating the leaves really

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