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Growing Japanese Anemones frombulbs

I have been sent some Japanese Anemone 'Bulbs' but cannot find out whether it would be OK to plant in the spring or even now, in February.  I thought I might try to put them in to pots and then plant them out later in the year. Does anyone know please?


  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 26,990

    I'd put them in pots and nurture them a bit. They're bits of root, not bulbs and it amazes me that those dried up things survive at all. For a plant that can be quite invasive it can be hard to establish, even with fresh bits of root. The sooner you plant them somewhere, the better. roots need to be in soil or compost

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  • Thank you nutcutlet.  I'll have a go.  I have a polytunnel so perhaps if I pot them up and put them in there it will be cool, but frost free. Gratefully yours KarrieDotters

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