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Talkback: Gardeners' World Live highlights



  • My hightlight was actually when I arrived home again! I bought some cat mint at the show and left it in a bag on the kitchen floor. Turned my back for a minute and found my 2 cats rolling around on the floor and only half of the plant left, must be good!
  • My first visit to GW Live - Quite impressed by some of it, especially the show gardens. A bit disappointed by the quality of plants on some stands though - tired, dry and not worth the money. A good day out overall depoite the huge jam on M6 and an £8.00 parking fee. Can anyone explain why it has to be so expensive?
  • The £8.00 parking fee is set by the NEC, not the show organisers, also if the plants looked tired for sale, then remember they have been there since last Tues at the earliest, this is why I always visit on the First day to get the best pick of the plants.

    I have visited most years and this year had less stalls, but it did make it easier to move about, I enjoyed the Plant Swap as Toby Thanked me personally on GW Friday night for my donation or Orchids. Roll on 2010.!
  • Loved the GW live. Went on Sat and was my first visit was very hot and it thougt busy but thoroughly enjoyed it. Will be back next year!
  • Both my partner and I visited GW live for the first time on Thursday 11 June. We were both impressed and are looking forward to next year's show. Only gripe was cost of parking £8 a bit over the top and also had to wait for 40 mins to get tickets for GW theatre as no internet connection. Overall though we both had a great time!
  • In agreement with B, I have been to GW for the last 11 years, and it has got smaller, particulary disappointed with the Plant Mall, a washout compared to other years. The NEC need to take a very serious look at their pricing for exhibitors. Where were the, normally dozens, of nurseries selling rare and unusual plants, can't afford to be there is the answer. Those who visited for the first time would indeed find the show great, but for those of us who have been visiting for a number of years felt quite frankly let down.
  • Reekafran - how can a black doll be considered as racist? There are white, brown, yellow, blue, and every kind of coloured doll everywhere. Why is it just coloured people that can be offended by this? Even in todays age, in Italy there are golliwogs on branded items.
    Would you not consider it to be racist that black people have a black history month and white people do not because
    blacks would find it offensive? Political correctness has gone bizarre. I agree with Suzie, you are over reacting. Now then... back to gardening.
  • Send a cow have a garden there this year with a real Ugandan farmer showing how to garden the African way! And.. we just heard the news - - we won the silver award! How exciting! It's going to be on BBC2 tomorrow at 8pm and I think Send a cow is being featured so watch out for us! x
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