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Talkback: Gardeners' World Live highlights

please could somebody tell me where and when is the show on i live in dublin


  • i went to chelsea for the first time this year,the show gardens were of an outstanding quality,but my favourite for value of plant shopping will always be malvern
  • i have been to gardeners world live today, i was shooted at as they were filming and i took a picture woops sorry toby.
    saw the digin van

    was amazing in the the rhs hall, so much talent
    bought some nice plants
    see you all there next year
  • WOW !! First time visit Weds 10.06.09.
    Very impressed with all, well done for the planning of all the gardens.
    Definately go next year (s).
  • Just got home from Brum and I'm whacked - first time visit and thoroughly enjoyed ALL of it. marquee fabulous, gardens terrific, Send A Cow just wonderful. Only quibble - had to wait from 9.00 to 9.40a.m. for tickets to theatre - no internet for Gardener's World computers! Missed all that time of viewing the exhibits.
  • I prefer GW Live to Chelsea anyway. Went there once and was terribly disappointed - all those lovely flowers and hardly any for sale, except at the sell-off. I wandered round the marquee, writing a massive list of 'must buy' plants, but could I get them at the show? No. By contrast, GW Live had loads of places selling almost any plant I saw at the show! I know which gets my vote!!!
  • We have been to the GW Live show for many years now and although we always have a great day out we have been disappointed the last few years to see it reduce in size. We have been today & the plant marquee seemed less full & there was lots on unused space in the main halls. One of the stallholders told us that it was expensive to have a stall site - maybe the organisers could consider reducing this cost or we may lose the GW show stands altogether & the GF show will take over!!
  • Just got back from a fantastic day at Gardeners World Live. I've just one question - why didn't the nursery rhyme garden get a medal? It was far better than some of the other gardens and always surrounded by a crowd of people enjoying the flowers and ryhmes.
  • My visit to Gardeners World Live was marred by the fact that one of the exhibitors was allowed to display and sell racist material - Golliwogs indeed!! How can this be allowed. Both the BBC and the owners of the NEC shouold be ashamed of themselves.
  • Reekafran sorry to say you are being a bit over the top about Golliwogs. I know at least one dark skinned grandmother that buys them for her grandchildren, saying as she did "oh good they remind me of my childhood, what a find" as she bought six.
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