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Screening plants in pots

Hi all, i live in a terraced house and last year my neighbour raised their extension with windows facing my garden. There is a wall at 6foot right where this extension is so I cannot raise it. I am considering screening plants that grow to about 10-12 foot. I got a faregisa rufa last year and its healthy but hasn't grown much in the pot. Would you all have any other suggestions of plants that would be suitable? Perhaps even another bamboo that's faster growing. I'm getting of tired of looking at my neighbours in their kitchen from my rear windowimage Thanks all


  • ClaringtonClarington Posts: 4,949

    For a plant that you want to grow 10 - 12 ft will you be expecting it to stay in a pot or have you the space to plant it in the ground? 

  • Hi Clarington, thanks for reply. this patio area is concrete unfortunately so would need to be in pots. I have a garden further down where I have put climbers in vine eyes and plan to grow some over garden arches too. Its your typical long narrow terraced garden so thought this would be best. The only thing I can think of is bamboo for patio area.

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    Hi jaffacakes, I've never grown bamboo, can't advise on varieties, sorry.

    Just posting this image of a possible bamboo screening idea with the lower leaves removed. It has the advantage of the height without the depth in a narrow space.

    Could you build a raised bed instead of using pots?  I'm sure people have built them directly onto concrete before. The one in the pic looks very shallow but may have open ground below. You could build a higher one maybe?

    Hope the photo worksimage 

  • Without a picture to show the relationship of the 2 windows it is hard to say, but could a pergola across the back of your house, clothed with climbers, perhaps solve the problem?

    It would depend on the height difference and the angle of view, as well as the amount of daylight you currently enjoy, but could give you a degree of screening and something attractive to look at instead.

    It might be possible to add some trellis between 2 of the uprights where necessary to prevent direct gaze. Add a seat or an ornament to make it part of the design.

    If you use large pots there are climbers that will thrive and they can grow taller than unsupported plants and go over the top as well if required..

  • Thanks all. I did think of a pergola over the patio area. Which climbers would grow well in big pots? I guess climbing roses would work. I think I might repot my bamboo and divide it in spring. I think the pot I have it in is too small and it may grow higher with more space. I like the idea of both but don't know Japanese bamboo works with the cottagey climbing roses image

  • Thanks for the great advice aym280. Yes, i think i try give the bamboo another year to see how it goes. Rufa can only grow to 10 feet it seems though which is probably 8 feet in a container. I might mix it with another variety.

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