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Water or bog iris

Can I get red iris or even white ones for a pond marginal shelf or bog garden?  I have googled this but most that are sold seem to be on American sites.  I already have yellow flag iris growing in our flower bed, but particularly wanted red or white if possible.


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    White Ladies or Her Highness are both iris that are white. I believe there are more but I've not had enough tea to be able to think of the names right now.

  • Have a look at Roadford Water Gardens web site. image

  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 33,749

    both too close to me for Hubby's comfort. I can feel visits coming on.image

  • Iris versicolor is mainly in shades of blue, but there is a lovely purple /pink one called 'Kermesina'. This is a marginal plant for your pond and daintier than the yellow one, I. Pseudacorus which you have, which is a thug. Be warned!

    Iris sibirica has a few white varieties, such as 'White Queen' and' Butter and Sugar', various blues and purples and a purplish pink one called 'Sparkling Rose' This one is more for the bog garden, but will grow in a moist border too, nice for tying things together..

    Iris Ensata also comes in a number of shades in the blue/ lilac/pink range but is both more expensive and rather more demanding in its requirements so I haven't grown it!

    No true reds I'm afraid, and the flowering periods are generally short. A different possibility might be Iris laevigata variegata, which, though it has blue flowers, has cream and green striped leaves which last for longer. This is a marginal too.

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  • Thanks for the links and advice - I have taken a look at roadford and the plants look interesting, so just emailed them to ask if they ship to Guernsey and what the delivery costs are .......

  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 33,749

    GD, if they don't ship, I'd be happy to collect any purchases and send them to you. Just a thought.

  • Hostafan, that is so kind of you - I really appreciate your offer.

     I have a local garden centre person visiting soon with some suggestions and advice, and will see what he can supply or order in - it may work out cheaper, I really don't know as I have never used them before, but had plenty of good recommendations. I will let you know.

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