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Ideas for narrow space

Please help with ideas for a narrow space in my backyard. I want to replant/remove existing plants and plant something upright 2-3 meters height to the planting boxes in my backyard (upper row in the picture) - something pretty which could help with screening and make my backyard look nicer and tidier... The space is quite narrow so I'm not sure what would fit there :-( I thought about feijoa but I can't find on the Internet how would it fit in there.
Gardening zone is 10b (New Zealand).
I'm quite new to gardening, any advice would be very appreciated. 



  • That is a very narrow space into which to squeeze anything, especially if you're looking for height. Feijoa would get too wide (I grew up in New Zealand, so know it well - lovely fruit), and there wouldn't be the root space. What about a climber?  Have a look at trachelospermum, it should do well.  White flower, T. jasminoides, or creamy, buttery yellow, T. asiaticum.  Those are leptospermum there already, aren't they?  They'll need to be kept in check.   Food and water will be your main hurdles


  • Thank you for your reply and for suggestion regarding T. jasminoides, it would be a good option for me I think. I like this plant, it's beautiful. It won't create screening because it can't go over the height of my fence, but for this narrow space it's probably not possible...

    Im not totally sure what's the name of the plant, I think it's coprosma there...

    thank you ;-)

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