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Box Blight

I would like to know if anyone in the South East has had their box hedge affected by box blight.  I have heard that it is very common in the North of England at the moment, but had not heard of the problem in the South yet. 

Any information would be helpful.



  • irene26irene26 Posts: 12

    I've had no problems as yet. Mine is a low hedge bordering a small west facing bed ( planted to keep roaming cats off) and is sheltered on 2 sides by house walls. Am keeping fingers crossed ! I am in south Bedfordshire

  • This cold weather will have helped. Dry cold is the best defence. Blight can strike anywhere, however, most often in damp summers (like any fungal infection!) so purchases made from sources which harbour the problem can infect surrounding areas, no matter where you are.  It does seem to have been less of a problem this last year where I am (fewer replacement purchases from customers), Winchester.  I'm alongside cress beds where fungal problems such as downy mildew and various blights are a real threat to plants which are susceptible.


  • Thank you for your comments, they have been very useful and are helping in my choice of hedge.

  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 34,063

    a friend of mine had it in Hampshire some years ago.

  • Go for the ordinary buxus sempervirens (no pretty cultivars) and plant it well, with a bit of food (not you, the box), then keep it well fed and watered through its first season. It will reward you.  Grown healthy, strong and well spaced with room to make good root growth it will be able to fight off infection.  


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