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Climbing rose.

Hi all, I'm hoping someone here can give me a little advice about giving my new climbing rose a good head start this year.

The rose in question is a climber, danse de feu, which I planted last year at about the beginning of November, it came bare rooted, and I put in a mix of multi purpose compost and well rotted farmyard manure into the planting hole. Buds are starting to appear on it now and I'm just wondering what I can do to give it a good head start for its first year. I also mulched with more manure and blood fish and bone, but is there something I should be doing now as it starts to spring into life, thanks in advance of any advice,



  • Sounds like you've done enough for now. Just keep it watered in any dry spells, particularly if it's up against a wall where the drainage is very good. A feed in about June (I think it's got more yhan enough until then) will be ample. Steer and tie in any new growths as they lengthen.


  • Excellent, thanks for that.

  • TootlesTootles Posts: 1,469

    If your roses are prone to black spot I've been advised to spray in very early spring. I'll be giving that a go this year.

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