University Project - improving gardening tools

I am current'y doing an University project on improving a gardening/ lawn care tool. I would like to know

1. Which are the most frequently used tools and do you development emotional attachment to your tools?

2. Which tool will you get for an gardening newbie?

3. Are there any specific tools you would like to be improved as it could be designed better to make gardening easier and more comfortable?

Thank you so much for spending time on helping me out! Much appreciated! 


  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 20,945

    1: secateurs and my 75+ year old fork.

    2: depend on the newbie's gardening needs. Is he making a window box? starting an empty plot from scratch, or taking over an established garden?

    3: I find spades, forks etc have handles designed for people shorter than me ( 6ft ). Longer handled versions are out there, but prohibitively expensive, for reasons I can not understand. 

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     I think we should set up a special part of the forum for these students. We seem to have the same question over and over.

    You don't stop doing new things because you get old, you get old because you stop doing new things. <3
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    Go and ask people at your nearest allotments and take a pen and paper to write down what they say

    1.It depends what season it is

       January till February...............Digging and soil preparing time

                                                   Chillington Hoe ( Destroyer of Worlds )  and Spade and Forks


       February onwards...................Plant tending

                                                    Hoes of different sizes

                                                    Hand forks and trowels

                                                    Watering cans 

       Anytime.................................Shears for cutting down Green Manure and hedging

                                                    Wheel barrows of different sizes




    I have had some tools longer that I was married and they are dependable and dont argue !!

    2. Not a relevant question

       Its like asking a hospital surgeon what medical instrument he wants to start with

       A Newbie needs whatever he needs for what he wants to do first

    3. No ............they all work well  if the  operator works well !!


    Good luck                                        

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    tools with leery -coloured handles. Why do hand tools have camouflage handles? Maybe it's a marketing ploy to make us replace lost tools more frequently.

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  • RedwingRedwing Posts: 875
    fidgetbones says:

     I think we should set up a special part of the forum for these students. We seem to have the same question over and over.

    See original post

     I agree and sorry to say that most of these surveys show a lack of very basic knowledge and some are full of grammar and spelling mistakes, as is this one.  I have stopped doing them apart from the recent one from the psychology department at Sheffield University which did seem like a proper study. 

  • Muddle-UpMuddle-Up Posts: 14,107

    Hortico, that sounds like a fork version of my Terex spade.  Wonderful tool, but heavy, with bicycle handlebars!  Great for clearing and turning over weedy ground.

    I don't see the point of doing these 'surveys', sorry.  It would perhaps help if the students who post them could be bothered to explain why they need assistance and what course they are doing, instead of just chucking out ill-conceived half-baked questions and wanting other people to do the work for them. Lazy. Still, in this internet-for-everything age I suppose it's to be expected.

    The RHS/Sheffield uni one was worth completing, though.

    Aberdeenshire, NE Scotland 🌞  
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