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Lampranthus exposure

John473John473 Posts: 62


i bought this plant 6 weeks ago. It's on a south facing window. I was advised to water it every 3 months. Just wondering is it dying? What am I doing wrong?imageimage Sorry if it's a very basic question- slow learner- thanks John


  • It is a South African succulent, so can cope with periods of drought without dying, but doesn't look quite as good if it has to do it! It does this  by storing water in its leaves, and if the drought continues some of the leaves will shrivel completely, like the ones at the bottom of the stems. However, when the rains come it will put out new growth and probably flower.

    Your plant is indoors, has the benefit of full sunlight (when there is any!) through glass and probably central heating as well - assuming you are in the UK like most on this website, so it will be fairly dried out..

    Its leaves are beginning to shrink a little - like a balloon going down, which is why they look wrinkly. This is a sign it is ready for a drink. Stand the pot in a saucer on a handful of gravel or grit  and give it a little water. Most of it  will probably run straight through, so if the compost is still very dry, give it a little bit more. Then empty any spare water out of the saucer so it can drain, never leave it sitting in water.

    In a short while you will see the leaves have fattened up and smoothed out and it will be fine again. Keep an eye on it in future and repeat when you can see the first wrinkles appearing in the leaves. 

  • John473John473 Posts: 62

    thanks very much- ill do that ??

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