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My order duly arrived from the (well known) supplier, but far too early to plant them out given the frost we are experiencing now, and maybe for a while yet. I e-mailed the supplier for advice, but have had no reply. I am concerned that the shallots will start to form shoots, like onions do left in the vegetable rack. How do I keep them in good condition? Can I plant them in modules in the greenhouse, or should I put them in the shed ( with Poppy the Tortoise) until it gets warmer?Can someone advise me please? I have only ever grown garlic before and the weather was clement upon their arrival.


  • treehugger80treehugger80 Posts: 1,923

    plant them in large module trays (3 inch square should do) and get them in the greenhouse, that way they can start growing and then you can transplant them in a couple of weeks.

    on the plus side this also makes it more difficult for the blackbirds to pull them out of the ground

  • thankyou Treehugger,duly planted

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