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Please can you name this plant?

WhippetWhippet Posts: 127

imagePlease do you know the name of this plant?
My brother found it in a pot along with something he had bought and its turned into this.


  • I think you will find it is a Kalanchoe Whippet.  I had some very similar to this at one time.  The seeds will come on the ends of each leaf notch and drop into the pot, growing into miniature plantlets.

  • WhippetWhippet Posts: 127

    Ok thankyou :) I always thought Kalanchos were smaller 'nearer to the soil' size things with lots of little flowers :D...learn something every day ;)

  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 82,735

    Kalanchoe daigremontiana aka Mexican Hat Plant - it grows baby plantlets on the edges of the leaves. 

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  • WhippetWhippet Posts: 127

    Thankyou very much :)

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