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I moved in to my house 6 years ago and it's the first time I've done any gardening and over the last six years my knowledge and interest has developed. I love Monty Dons white writing garden and decided that our front borders would be all white. The problem I have is that we never have alot of spare money so never had the opportunity to buy all the plants in bulk and position them I also didn't really know that plants look better in threes or clumps so I know have an L shaped border that has single plants and doesn't flow or look the way I wanted. Any advice that will help?  

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    I have lots of different plants here foxgloves, magnolia , rhododendron, ferns , daisy's, lavender,  peonies and many I don't know the names of. It looks awful as it's winter but it is very pretty in the summer just want more full looking garden.

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    Have a look at seed catalogues online - Chiltern, Plant World, Seedaholics, Suttons, Thompson and Morgan to start you off then select white flowered plants and grow your own babies.  If you steer clear of tender stuff you can start sowing in March/April.  Best to use trays or modules and then grow on in bigger modules or pots before planting out.

    You can select both annuals and perennials to get your borders going but remember to vary foliage form and colour and texture and allow white flowered plants with a streak of another colour for variety eg shrub cistus which has white flowers with a carmine streak on the petals, white foxgloves with purple speckles in there throats, white flowered with colourful centres.  Make sure you also have plants and bulbs to carry you through the year so the beds are not always bare in winter - eg snowdrops for Jan/Feb, hellebores for Feb/March, crocuses, daffs, anemone blanda, tulips, and so on thru the season.

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