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My stepson and his partner have decided to celebrate their wedding in our garden on July 1st. What can I plant in spring that will be useful for festooning,  table arrangements and prettiness in the borders? Last minute plans have left me in a mild panic! TIA


  • well, a lot depends on the weather of course, but cosmos is probably a good idea - there are lots of different varieties, but essentially you should get lots of pretty daisy like flowers - some varieties are taller than others. Start them off in the warm in a month or so to get a head start.

  • Thank you, was thinking sweet pea also, wish I'd known in the Autumn and I could have been more prepared, we have a very GREEN garden!

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    I grew sweet pea 'hi-scent' last year.
    The colours are limited to ivory and lilac, but the scent is by far the best and strongest I've ever known from a sweet pea.

    Love in a Mist (nigella) may be nice too, and very easy to grow

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    Unwins are selling sweet pea plants at 19p each online - they'll give you a head start! image

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    Dahlia tubers started with a bit of warmth  and kept in a mini polytunnel or greenhouse will be in flower by July. Start them off in florists  bucket size pots ( 5 for a quid in morrisons, drill your own drainage holes.) Pop them into gaps in the borders as required . Lilies also can be started in big pots, and dropped into the gaps. Sweet peas in bunches on the tables are very effective.

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    I can imagine your feeling of slight panic! On the plus side all the greenery you already have will allow you to bulk out any flowers you do grow.

    For ideas (& possibly supplies) you might find Sarah Raven's website worth a look.

    She has grown stuff specifically for weddings in the past - and if you Google 'Sarah Raven wedding flowers'  there are a some links which might give you ideas of things to grow.

    In addition to seeds & bulbs she also sells seedlings and plug plants. This means you eliminate a bit of trial and error if you don't have a greenhouse or you're not used to growing flowers from seed yourself. It also means you can consider plants which are better sown in autumn for an earlier show.

    Be prepared to do some last minute garden centre shopping for space fillers and I would also have a florist on standby in case the weather disrupts all the flowering timings.

    Good luckimage

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    Whoops sorry - that was an old email - now 30p per plant. 

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    Although not always reliable, gladioli occupy little room and are always a pleasant scene at festive occasions.

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    Dovefromabove says:

    Whoops sorry - that was an old email - now 30p per plant. 

    See original post

     I was looking for the 13p ones haha!

    Did a quick Google search and this place matches flowers to your wedding season - not month, but should give you some good ideas image

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