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Evergreen jasmine

hi - I bought at a plant show an 'evergreen jasmine' (that's all it said on the pot) I planted it around June time by an archway. It doesn't appear to have grown very much and over the winter the leaves have gone a dark red/brown - is this normal ?! Iv tried googling but can't seem to find what I'm looking for ! I havnt cut it back atall as I'm a bit worried about killing it ! (first year gardening) I sort of assumed as it was evergreen it should stay green and I'm slowly killing it ! I can post a pic tomorrow if that helps ! 

Thank you in advance for any help ! 


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    Some leaves on mine have good a nice red colour in autumn but the brown part doesn't sound healthy. Have a google for jasminoides trachelospermum, is this the right one?

  • imageimageIt did have some little white flowers on which look like the photo above (sorry I'm really useless) 

    looking at it this morning there is more green on it which I'm taking as a good sign ! There are lots of long  bits of stem with not much leaf on should I cut them off ? (Apologies again I really don't know what I'm doing) 

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  • Mark56Mark56 Posts: 1,653

    Jackpot, definitely looks like jasminoides trachelospermum! You could prune off the ends in Spring and give it a feed/mulch but may lose some flowers this year. It looks healthier than I had expected it to be for sure. The red is just old leaves fading to replace themselves, most evergreens do this in Spring. I have red leaves like that from Autumn on mine image the scent is delicious

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  • It's definitely trachelospermum jasminoides, also called "Star Jasmine".  The leaf colour is completely normal and occurs in the colder months when the plant is, as said, under a bit of stress. That said, it copes easily with it and the plant looks very healthy.  


  • Thank you so much everyone ! I'm hoping in a couple of years it will have completely taken over my archway ! Thank you again ! 

  • Hii I bought and planted a jasmine late may it is a very young one not sure what name of it is has grown in that time but have notice last few days leaves have changed colour from really green to very faded light brown is there a problem that anyone knows of would hate to lose it
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    I think it's best you post a photograph of the leaves. There are a few types of Jasmines, the original thread is about the evergreen 'Start Jasmine' but there are other Jasmines that can lose their leaves in the winter months. 
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    I think it can take a while to get going.
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