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I've  tried before to say this but it's  got lost in the system  so I'll  try again Here goes  for a few years now after tomatoes have finished in greenhouse I move the bags up from the floor on to middle staging  cut the bag in the middle to its  full length then sprinkle on top of filling a small amount of fertilisers and.with a small trowel dig arround in the bag to remove old  roots in doing this the fertilisers is distributed   This all happens around the end of September  by then I have started growing potatoes saved from first Earley Swift  in 3in pots  which I then transfer to grow bags 6 seed each placing each one on the bottom of bag keep moist not to wet it's not long before they appear grow on as normal by beginning of December tops are dieing off a few days later  (this year 19th of December) I harvested.  I am surprised  each year at what is produced  9 people ie friends &relations had new potatoes for Christmas lunch also the same day19th I go through the same procedures  When I left home 3rd of  January for Tenerife   they were just showing through also as a trial I sowed long white radish amongst the potatoes reports from home are looking good so should have again new potatoes for Easter or sooner After that I bag the fillings until end of autumn then it's spread over on top of autumn digging to be rendered most of any thing harmful by any frost &snow I think I've  had my monies worth of the cost of each bag Go on have ago CJWP


  • Pete.8Pete.8 Billericay, EssexPosts: 7,480

    Great idea.
    I guess there's a risk of some nasties still living in the compost from the previous occupants. But it works, and sounds like you're certainly getting great value for your money!

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