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  • Could anybody help me, me and my partner are moving into our first home together soon and we will have a SE facing garden 116⁰ SE roughly, on the photo we will be plot 20, how will the sun be in a SE garden? 
  • ruta7ruta7 Posts: 1
    I just moved into a place with a garden facing exact same direction. We love it, it's great in the summer. It's a long garden of about 12m and a bungalow but the shadow of the house starts progressing to the back around 4:15pm and gets to about halfway(6m) up the garden around 6/6:30. We have the sun in the last section(last 3m) of the garden till about 7:40pm when it dips behind the back of the house. The garden fence does also cast a shadow after 2/3pm when the sun is to the west. So I think you will have sun in most of your garden till about 5/6 and might have a patch at the back or west facing till about 6:30 or 7. 

    I was being a bit nosy yesterday and noticed, our neighbour that is a bit more easterly and have a smaller garden seem to have sun in their garden till about 6/6:30pm and our slightly more south neighbour have an extra 20mins of sun more than us in one corner. 
  • borgadrborgadr Posts: 570
    I have a south-east facing garden, and love having my morning coffee in the sun, and on a hot day like yesterday, appreciate having late afternoon shade on my patio.  We will however set up a small seating area at the other end of the garden for evening drinks - you might think to do the same in that east corner of your garden.

    The orientation of your garden looks the same as ours.  You'll find in winter the sun doesn't quite go fully from east to west (it follows a shorter arc) so if it's anything like ours then that patio which is in late afternoon shade right now actually stays in the sun for most of the much shorter winter daylight hours.

    This also means that in winter that front garden is almost permanently shaded by the house, whereas at this time of year it gets quite a lot of late afternoon & evening sun.
  • Hi, fellow SE gardener! Just thought I'd share my experience, although it's from very sunny and hot Southern California. I really enjoy my yard/garden facing SE. I get beautiful morning sunrises with busy birds, a ton of sunshine most of the day, and a very bright cheery kitchen and sunporch. In summer, the yard shadows around 6pm due to tall trees/house next door, but makes for lovely cool evenings outback. I can also watch the sunset from my front yard and chat with the many walkers that go by. The front has filtered light in the evenings (tall palm trees line the street), so I can still work on gardening at that time. My living room faces NW and is perfectly bright and cool all day (until the setting sun blasts through the windows). My backyard would be ideal if it weren't for the 100+ degree temps we get for several months of the year... it fries even my sun loving plants. Growing up in a South facing garden to now a SE garden, I can't imagine anything else!!
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