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My husband and I were initially looking for a garden that is west facing or south west facing (we like the sun in the evening), however, have just found a lovely house, but the garden is south easterly. It is an end plot on a new estate with nothing to the east of us, a house to the north west (slightly more west than north) of us and our garage would be to the west of the garden towards the house, with nothing but the fence to the west at the bottom of the garden. I wondered if you might be able to advise of what kind of sun we are likely to get in the back garden? And if anyone particularly enjoys their south easterly gardens?

Thank you.



  • Hello!  It depends exactly how south-west facing it is, but assuming it's facing exactly south-west with a garage near the top of your garden you should probably expect the garage to block the sun in the late evening.

    If your garden is long enough or if there is a gap between the garage and the house, then you might get a small amount of sun leaking through- plus the sloping garage roof will help).  That could certainly be capable of lighting up plants, particularly trees and tall plants on the east and south sides of your garden, until it sets.  It may well be that effect that you like as much as actually sitting out in the late evening sun.

    You'll likely soon enough come to love the morning sun just as much, and might even enjoy your breakfast outside on a fresh July morning! mmm I can smell the air now.

  • Thank you everyone.

    Below is an image of where the house will be (plot 24 - the yellow house on the right hand corner). Hope this helps to see where we would be?


  • RedwingRedwing Posts: 1,500

    As Pansy says, SE is good for morning sun. I love having summertime breakfasts outside. I also enjoy the light in the house on winter mornings. Psycologically, it makes me want to get out and do feel energised in a way that is hard to explain living in a morning house. I've lived in west facing houses too. Both are good,

    Based in Sussex, I garden to encourage as many birds to my garden as possible.
  • Thank you Redwing.

    My husband is a summer baby, so definitely likes to sit out in the evening. We currently have a NNE facing garden and it's horrid. The sun is totally gone by about 4:30pm in the summer and leaves the bottom of the garden by about 10am!! We can't grow anything, can't sit out in the sun in the summer past about 2/3pm without feeling the chill.

    If the other house was not to the west of us I don't think it would bother us as much, but we have concerns that we might miss any evening sun and warmth again?

  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,417

    My theory is that you shouldn't choose a house. Choose a garden and take the house that stands in it. It's worked well for meimage

    In the sticks near Peterborough
  • Dave HumbyDave Humby Posts: 1,145

    Hi Lindsey, our place is oriented pretty much exactly as yours but we would be plot 22 in your example.

    i think you're biggest issue for late afternoon / early evening sun would be your garage (I assume that's what it is) and the adjacent property on plot 23.

    See ours below. The red 'x' was a tall Ash we had removed earlier this year and the red dots are a series of Sumac's that have also been removed. The Ash will benefit the main garden / lawn area in the afternoon and the Sumac's removal will help with the evening sun which hits the small quadrant patio you can see to the right. Our plot level is about 4ft lower than the roadside boundary which is a 6ft fence so we are set down somewhat which also inhibits the sun into the garden especially when the sun is low. 


  • Thank you everyone.

    Dave Humby - the photo is very helpful thank you. I agree I think plot 23 and the garage are going to be an issue. I am hoping that the bottom corner furthest from the houses/garage will get the sun still in to the evening? If all else fails, we'll have to sit in the front garden with a book in the summer evenings instead!

    Any other helpful advice or answers greatly received. Does anyone else enjoy the sun still in their garden after work if it's SSE?

  • AuntyRachAuntyRach Posts: 5,257

    Even in our south-facing garden we don't have sun much after 6pm on summer evenings. I think we would have another hour if it wasn't for a tall house and tree next door in the west. I would prefer more evening sun but in fact the morning sun, the garden as a whole and the privacy in my garden more than make up for this. 

    I would consider how the sunlight effects the house, from the inside, as well - e.g. will your kitchen/living area be bright during the day? would you have a shaded, cold corner of the house? 

    My garden and I live in South Wales. 
  • Could anybody help me, me and my partner are moving into our first home together soon and we will have a SE facing garden 116⁰ SE roughly, on the photo we will be plot 20, how will the sun be in a SE garden? 
  • ruta7ruta7 Posts: 1
    I just moved into a place with a garden facing exact same direction. We love it, it's great in the summer. It's a long garden of about 12m and a bungalow but the shadow of the house starts progressing to the back around 4:15pm and gets to about halfway(6m) up the garden around 6/6:30. We have the sun in the last section(last 3m) of the garden till about 7:40pm when it dips behind the back of the house. The garden fence does also cast a shadow after 2/3pm when the sun is to the west. So I think you will have sun in most of your garden till about 5/6 and might have a patch at the back or west facing till about 6:30 or 7. 

    I was being a bit nosy yesterday and noticed, our neighbour that is a bit more easterly and have a smaller garden seem to have sun in their garden till about 6/6:30pm and our slightly more south neighbour have an extra 20mins of sun more than us in one corner. 
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