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Hi everybody, I'm new on this forum so please forgive me if I post in the wrong place, also I'm an Italian living in Paris so I apologise for my English.

I've been looking for a balcony-gardening forum but the few I find look pretty desert to me, so I came here where people seem to be friendly and dynamic.

My story is, I have no garden, but I am lucky enough to have about 27 square meters of balcony, half South-East oriented, with NOTHING in front for miles and sun from dawn to about 2 o' clock all year long, and the rest Nort-Ouest oriented with a lot of direct sun in spring and summer, but none from november to february. Moreover I have a closed balcony that I can use as a greenhouse.

My question is:

do any of you have experience with dwarf fruit tree that can grow in pots, or in growing any type of veggies in boxes,bags, containers, anything?

thank you everybody!




  • Hi Paolo and welcome!
    There are plenty of fruit trees which can be grown in pots and so would be suitable for your balcony.  If you search for 'patio fruit trees' you should find lots of suppliers, some on Amazon who may deliver to Paris.

    Many, many types of vegetables can be grown in containers, bags, boxes or pots.  Again, the keyword (at least for english web sites) is 'patio', so google for 'patio vegetable seeds' to find suppliers.  Lots of folk on here grow vegetables in containers and I'm sure can help further. image

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  • Thank you both for answering me so quickly! Patio, huh? I'll check it out !

  • M-K-M-K- Posts: 30

    Ciao Paola! 

    This is quite good from the Royal Horticultural Society about roof gardens and balconies. 

    Also, if you search this site for 'balcony', there are quite a lot of hits.

    Nice project!

    Buona fortuna!

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  • Wow,, everybody is speaking Italian around here! thanks for the links,  I will check them out. What I wanted to know is if any of you has a direct experience in growing for instance a cherry tree in a pot and could get a correct quantity andd quality of cherries. (or apricots, or peach or anything else) The only thing I experienced was growing a raising tree in a big pot and despite the bad conditions (small balcony North-Ouest oriented, among buildings, maximum two hours of direct sun per day and only in the full of summer) I could get two years in a row about 2 pounds of surprisingly good tasting raisin. (It's true that I talked a lot to the guy, I mean to the raisin tree, and they say it helps...image) Two months ago we moved, to this new appartement and it's like a dream. I want to make of my balconies an edible jungle. I love flowers too, but hey, fruit trees have very nice flowers too! I brought with me the heroical raisin tree. I hope it wont die for the shock!


  • you could grow Italian beans  and pots of pear trees.  Tomatoes are possible in Paris I suppose?

  • GRAPE VINE, of course! image !  Your peach tree is just AMAZINGGG!  If I can get something like this I will dance around  on my balconies   the whole summer! 

    And yes we can get tomatos in Paris, Ive seen some around 

  • WateryWatery Posts: 388

    I found this book useful: (Permaculture in Pots by Juliet Kemp)

    I used her idea of wicking self-watering tomato plant containers with success.

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  • You can grow loads in pots! I'm only a kid so I'm only allowed small space, as otherwise I can't cope! I've been reading lots of small space books. Root vegetables such as carrots and radishes grow well, best part is that you can sometimes grow more in things like pots and raised beds, because you can sow and plant closer together. I've read that you can grow almost anything in pots! Including runner beans and courgettes! Best not to try full size fruit trees though,but you can get patio ones or miniarette, which I am looking for for myself as my Mum has a couple of apple ones, you can even get two varieties on one tree! So, no garden can be no problem! Just check if all these things will grow in France, only been there once, but I think it's hotter than over here in southern England!

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  • TigrahTigrah Posts: 125

    I bought myself a vegtrug at the start of autumn last year.  It yet been used but researched them online and they look really good, similar to the planet pete8 mentioned. Would be good for growing vegetables in. Since you're also interested in flowers, I started a thread a couple of days ago about ornamental edibles and got some good suggestions, if you'd like to look through that - that way you can get even more pretty things that you can eat, as well as the flowering fruit trees. 

    Fruit trees on dwarf stocks are good. Thompson and Morgan have a good kit of 5 that essentially just grows fruit from the trunk of a small tree - I forget what exactly they're called but I'll try and find them. Maybe you can find something similar in Paris.

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