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Raspberry conundrum...


I’m a beginner gardener and have made a number of raspberry related mistakes in my first year!! 
I’m hoping you can help me with some advice on the best way forward…

In Octoberish 2015 I built a raised bed and planted alternating 2ft high leafless canes of Summer (Glen Ample) and Autumn (Polka) raspberries, in an attempt to extend the fruiting season (mistake 1).

I put the in one row at the back, intending for them to spread.
They all came up in 2016 and fruited well (even the summer ones, despite it being sort of their first year of growth).

I then realised it’s a bad idea to plant different fruiting varieties in the same bed as they spread and you cannot tell which is which. Hence I pulled out all the new canes which started appearing elsewhere in the bed, leaving the existing row of alternating canes.

After the summer ones fruited (August), I pruned all canes to the ground (mistake 2!).
I have not yet pruned the autumn ones.

Would you mind kindly recommending the best thing to do going forward for a bed the size of mine?

e.g. remove all the summer or autumn ones and allow the rest to spread, put a board down the middle and grow both, let them mix and prune the same way etc.

Ideally I’d like to allow the bed to be full of raspberries going forward.

I am still able to identify the summer and autumn canes and re-plant/remove them if necessary (as I marked the original stems), but they are pretty indistinguishable as grown canes.

I really appreciate any advice you could give me?imageimage


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 15,331

    How many plants are in there? Polka can be cut to the ground now. Glen ample, if you cut off all the shoots last summer, you are not going to get fruit next year. I would have them in separate beds so you can prune easily. Glen Ample you prune the fruited wood out after you have picked the fruit, leaving the current years new wood to flower and fruit the following year.  At that point , the new canes will be green, the old canes will be brown.  If you van take out the Glen ample and plant them elsewhere I would do so, now is a good time so long as the soil isn't frozen.  Cut down all the polka and give them a feed of blood, fish and bone when the new shoots start growing.

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  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Leicestershire, UKPosts: 11,065

    Fully agree fidgetbones.  As the Glen ample won't fruit in 2017 because of being completely cut down, I would suggest moving those and perhapscreating a new bed for them.  This will allow the Polka to colonise the bed and you won't need to worry about the the two types becoming mixed, which will certainly happen.

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  • Brilliant, that's exactly the sort of advice I was looking for.
    I'll pull out the Glen Ample and move elsewhere/give away, prune the Polka and let them grow instead.

    Thanks everyone :-)

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