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Could anyone recommend chilli with good texture and medium heat?

I have been growing chilli for a couple of years and found some chilli, at the end of harvest, not fit to eat at all, all skin and seeds.  Perhaps it was my fault for I tend to buy chillies with good looks. 

Is there a chilli out there that is not too hot and have some fleshy texture to enjoy?


  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 9,985

    I grow several varieties each year, but I always grow Jalapenos. For me they have the best balance of heat and flavour, and quite fleshy too

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  • LoganLogan Posts: 2,532

    Don't keep the chillies on the plant too long, only when they're just ripe. If it's too hot don't put so much in.image

  • Grow purple jalapenos, they're great!

    They're not too hot, fleshy and in the autumn, you can smoke them over oak chips (very easy, you can even do this in a BBQ), and they become Chipotle chillis.

    You can then easily make jars of Chipotle en adobe, which taste incredible and you can give as gifts.

    I've never managed to over-winter them though, so you need to collect some seeds to re-sow each year.

    I got my seeds from the south devon chilli farm:

    Below are some photos early in the season (you wouldn't pick them yet as they get much bigger).
    They go from green, to purple, to red (they you pick).




  • hi hoglory      the word you said was nice and not so hot  I grow medina chillis  they are  80 000 to 150000scho///// they are nice when left to grow long and bright red  hope it helps      as the above says there is a lot depends what you want   Michael 

  • thanks for all the suggestion, someone also told me to give serrano a try, for they are the most popular chilli used in pizza places.  Time to sow chilli soon?

  • I'd still give Purple Jalapeno a go if you're looking for a non-hot fleshy chilli, although serrano are nice.

    I start sowing them in late February indoors/somewhere warm.

  • Waz200Waz200 Posts: 56

    Jalapeños are my recommendation too, loads of flavour with a nice kick, my wife loves them as well. Also numex are good, a nice chilli flavour with some medium heat, little hotter than jalapeños though.

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