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Guaranteed to flower June

Ok so sitting here starting to plan my attack on the garden for next year. I always like to ask for advice where I can. I have my big birthday coming up and am holding a party end of June. What flowers can I grow to make a big impact as I want to fill the house with my own grown flowers. How do I guarantee they are in flower for end of June. How best to go about doing that? Located in the North Of France


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    June is a bit of gap for flowers, late spring / early summer flowers are just finishing but summer / late summer flowers are just around the corner. In France you might have the summer plants flowering around that time but I dont know, I am from the northwest England so you could 2-3 weeks ahead in terms of flowering times because its warmer in France. 

    Only thing coming to mind at the momnet are regale lily - larkspur - Sweet peas ? - roses ?- early sowing of ammi - early cosmos sowing. 

    Sorry I am not much help image its difficult to guarantee around that time

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    Hi Nicky Nicky,

    You should be safe with alliums at that time of year .... they make great cut flowers.

    If you plant a selection then some of them are likely to peak for the big day.



    Bees must gather nectar from two million flowers to make one pound of honey   
  • Yes Alliums, Sweet pea and Glads. I think successive planting of seeds so they are in bloom at the right time.

    I have some Alliums and Glads in the ground already from last year, so hope they flower ok.

    Aym280 my  lilies are doing great however I dont think the babys will flower this coming year. Maybe the one after. When they do flower I will have buckets of them :)  

  • aym280 says:

    Asclepias is nice, so is california poppy, they will go well together. Achillea summer berries are beautiful. 

    Alstroemeria is good and perennial as well

    See original post

     Thats the type of list I was looking for :) Many Thanks Exciting times ahead!

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