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Rozanne v Brookside

CATH10CATH10 Posts: 6

I bought 1 geranium Brookside 3 years ago. I have split it several times and the plants always bounce straight back and flower until late August. I have read all of the many posts about Rozanne, and wonder if anyone has both Brookside and Rozanne, and what they think the main differences are?


  • MarlorenaMarlorena Posts: 7,444

    'Brookside' flowers in June/July, grows upright then flops, it's quite floriferous.  I should add that I hadn't noticed it blooming until late August, as you have, but it's a while since I grew it.

    'Rozanne' after about 3 years, is capable of forming a large mound with a spread of 8 or even 10 foot in good soil, and will climb [invade] other plants around it.   Sometimes I think it can be too much.

    Considered better than 'Brookside' is its sport 'Orion', and I prefer this one too, I think the individual flowers are larger,  and better than both in my view is 'Eureka'.

    Another fine blue is 'Blue Cloud', which blooms from June to late August/early Sept.

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  • Rozanne's flowers are a bit larger and it went on flowering well into the autumn.

    Ours did start a little later tnan Brookside, but it hadn't been planted as long and position might have made a difference too.

    I like the shape of Brookside's leaves, but it is quite a spreader with a more running habit, while Rozanne is more a big plant that covers a wide area.

    For a blue geranium, I still prefer Mrs Kendall Clark, but as a a Pratensis variety it doesn't flower for as long.

  • CATH10CATH10 Posts: 6

    Thankyou Buttercupdays. I do remember Brookside being quite floppy and around 2 feet tall. I think I will definitely buy Rozanne . 

  • Mark56Mark56 Posts: 1,653

    Rozanne flowers for longer. That's the main difference, July onwards till Autumn image

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