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Protecting a Greengage Tree


I have a twenty-year old greengage tree that I keep pruned to around 12' high/wide - trunk of the tree is about 10" across. The problem I have is that we have very little fruit these days as we have Pigeons stripping the fruiting buds each year and then this is followed up by Pigeons (and other birds - Starlings/bullfinches) that take any small fruit that is in the developing stage at about the size of a large pea. I suspect what we need is a net but my question is what would be the best type of net to get so that my husband/I don't get injured putting it on (around Jan/Feb I would guess) and then taking it off around the end of August. In addition to not hurting ourselves, we want a system where we don't hurt the net/tree as well.

Any advice/help you can give would of course be much appreciated and needed! We want our delicious greengages back and at the moment the birds are winning! :-(

Kind regards,
Karen Overton


  • WelshonionWelshonion Posts: 3,114

    Don't put anything over the tree until the fruit has been fertilized or you will get no fruit.

    We find scaffolding netting as used by builders the best.

  • Our greengage tree is plagued with white fly this year - dripping sticky gunk on plants beneath. Ideas apart from chemicals- just thinking of cutting it down.
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