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  • Hi I'm surrounded by renters so they won't spend a penny and the landlord said want to keep running costs you  minimum too so I'm stuck with these. 
    I have some fence paint which I will use when I start to replace them the back ones look shocking after this winter! Im hoping to let them get so bad I Can say to the landlord we need to sort this fence and hopefully he puts his hand in his pocket to pay half! Attached a pic of the fence I have replaced and the small raised bed which I'm unsure what to do with 

  • In the raised bed I'm tempted to plant 2 or 3 trees inside planters made from chopped up oil drums. I have loads of drums at work to use and think they look good once weathered abit and rusty 
  • Would then look to add small plants around them too 

  • Might have a bash at making this too. I like anything like structual/geometric but at the same time don't want it looking to modern as it's not as relaxing imo
    which is why we went for a golden coloured gravel rather than white/grey on the border 
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