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Betula utilis Moonbeam

AngieRAngieR Posts: 347

My white stemmed birch, B. utilis Moonbeam, which was planted in Autumn 2014 could do with a move to a new spot in the garden.  The area in front of it was the only practical spot to site the greenhouse.  It would be a shame to have it stuck behind the greenhouse where I won't really be able to enjoy seeing it.

How much of a risk would it be to move?  Is the root ball likely to be so large that it turns into a 2 person job? I will have a window to move it next weekend if that is the case or might that be a bit too early?  Do I need to be mindful of a long tap root or anything like that?  I worry that once moved it could turn frosty and then watering it may be an issue.

Is there anything else I should be mindful of when transplanting my tree?  All advice gratefully received.


  • I'd go for it. Pick a mild spell when you can dig round the tree AND dig the new hole. How tall is it?  If it's 8ft or so, then one person should do it, with a root ball about 1ft to 18 inches across.  Go right round it with the spade, cutting straight down, about the spade's depth, then lean it to allow you to cut underneath.  There will inevitably be the loss of some root, but that's why it can be done now. Get it straight into the (already prepared!) new hole and water it in.  Hard frost will stop you doing the job anyway, so if it's mild enough to lift and transplant it, then it's mild enough to water.  Perhaps a small handful of Fish Blood and Bone, mixed well in when planting. Make sure the new hole is comfortably wider than the rootball so that the newly forming roots can establish freely and easily. 


  • AngieRAngieR Posts: 347

    Thanks H-C, that's exactly the advice I was hoping for.  

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