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Drive Screening

Scratching my head over this one!

I live in a house with garden on three sides, however the rear garden also has a driveway and garage.

The garden is around 30ft deep x 30ft wide at the back, including the drive. It is currently divided into three sections, all of approximate 10ft deep x 30ft wide: drive, play area (which again is divided into a 10ft square sandpit, 10ft rocky 'beach' area and a small play house in the final 10ft area, and what I consider a substantial decking area which has access to our house in two place, lounge and kitchen. Outside the kitchen we have a bistro set and outside the lounge we have a 8 seat dining table and bbq. I'm really happy with it generally speaking.

BUT, the outlook is still the drive and our car. Sat in the lounge, looking at the garden and you see the car. In the garden. Car. In the playshed. Car. In the sandpit. Car. We even have a fire that we can't really use because of the proximity of the car. You get the picture!

I'm trying to think of ways to screen it off without losing too much of the a play area. Access is already established from the garage to the back door so that isn't a problem. Trying not to resort to fencing.............

Trellis? Too retro?


  • No, but hazel hurdles would look good. Should be able to get the proper ones, English made, 6ft square, for about £60 - £65. You can tell if they're the real deal because those made abroad are light, not twisted round the end uprights and much cheaper. I know it's a lot for a 'fence panel', but they're skilfully made and look great. Five solid posts, a hurdle in between each. Very smart.


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  • Or, paint the side of the car in camo. - leaves and twig design!


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    Apophthegm -  a big word for a small thought.
    If you live in Derbyshire, as I do.
  • My Land Rover thinks it looks like that in the mirror. 


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    Posts, tensioned wires at 30cms intervals and climbers of your choice - sweet peas, green beans, roses, clematis, honeysuckle.    

    A narrow hedge?  I've seen beech and hornbeam hedges just 9" thick.  Very attractive if kept clipped.

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  • Loving the suggestions guys - many thanks! Not sure where I'd put the kid on the Hyundai though...............:)

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