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Fertiliser for a couple of Acers

Hello again.

I have been Acer shopping and narrowed my purchases down to two varieties...for now. An Osakazuki and a Crimson Queen. I also have a couple of pots which claim to be frost resistant and both are what I consider to be one pot size larger than the ones I bought them in. I have a sacrificial cracked clay pot which I will use as crocks in the bottom and some John Innes number 3. I think I'm just about set in terms of potting which I will do in the spring.

One thing I am unsure of as I keep reading contradictory advice is which fertiliser to use and when. I was going to use some Miracle-gro slow release Azalea and Rhodedendron granuals (the one in the pink pot). Is this any good or should I use 'all purpose'? 

I had read that you should put fertilise in the late winter, other advice seems to be in spring. Should I apply the fertiliser now or when I pot them up? The Crimson Queen already has several small green and blue balls just under the top layer of mulch which suggests this already has some fertiliser. Should I just leave this one and not use any more?


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    Hi Jim - as to growing Acers in pots, I can't help, but I do have several in the garden.
    They wont appreciate the Miracle-gro for Rhodos/Azaleas as that is a fertiliser that helps with flowering, which is not what your trees are about. I would imagine a little general purpose mixed in may help, but what they would really appreciate is some good compost, grit and if possible leafmould mixed in with the JI3.

    I'm sure someone will be along soon to answer your question soon.

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  • Thanks. I did wonder if that would be any good and was probably going to play it safe with some all purpose fertiliser. I was also going to mix in some horti sand with the compost as well if I still have some left from top dressing the lawns.

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