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The Tiger Wormery

My kids have done well this year and brought me something I actually want for Christmas (although I did hint!!) I am now the owner of a wormery and wanted to know if any of you can give me any help or advice in order to make it a success? I have set it up but haven't ordered the worms yet as I'm worried they will freeze (until established) as it will be kept outside.


  • barry islandbarry island Posts: 1,598

    I've just had a look at the "tiger wormery" and it looks quite a good one, as you say it’s probably not a good idea to order worms just yet as they will be in the post for a couple of days and may get left in freezing conditions on route. I believe that some composters can be left indoors as they shouldn't smell if they are working properly. My womery is left outdoors on my allotment and as it is different to yours the worms can escape out of the sides of the boxes which they do if the conditions are not to their liking, your boxes look to have a tighter fit than mine so if they were indoors the worms wouldn't escape. As for putting them outdoors be sure to put them in the shade as when the weather warms up they will cook in the full sun. I only feed my worms leafy material as I found that too much fruit can change the soil conditions especially when the weather is hot and the fruit ferments. Good luck with your wormery you will find that if you give the worms the conditions that they like they will look after themselves and you will get some lovely compost from them.

  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Derbyshire but with a Nottinghamshire postcode. Posts: 16,470

    This may be useful, an old thread on vermiculture.

  • Thank you for replying Barry, I have done a bit of research online and on you tube and I understand it takes a while for the worms to settle in before you can start adding your kitchen waste on a regular basis.  I have collected up lots of leaves from the Autumn drop so maybe I could start giving them that with bits of green kitchen waste mixed in and shredded paper/egg shells so it doesn't get soggy and smelly.  I haven't got room indoors in my pokey kitchen so hence it will have to go outside and I am aware of the fact that they can't go in direct sunlight as they will bake to death! I'm worried that the worms will freeze once they're here and set up in the Wormery as they only provide a bit of coir bedding for the worms to go in.  I have read that in the garden, worms tunnel further down in freezing temperatures to keep warm!!??

  • Thanks for the link fidgetbones, I will take a look!! image

  • barry islandbarry island Posts: 1,598

    You seem to have the idea Jennifer191 my worms are outdoors now and seem fine but in the past when the temperatures have got really cold they did freeze, if it looks likely to get that seriously cold again I will put them in the shed and cover them over.

  • ive got the wormcity wormery which works in the same way and my worms have been out all winter so far (in the snow) with no problems.

    I have put some bubble wrap round it which seems to insulate it slightly.

    Make sure you don't overfeed in the early stages I don't know how many worms you will have been supplied with but it takes time for them to reproduce

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