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Can you move a Hibiscus?


It's my first time posting in these forums :) I'm a novice gardener trying to learn as much as I can. Currently living in our first house with a small garden that I'm trying to fill with beautiful plants, shrubs and trees. I've learnt so much from watching Gardener's World, I've already got withdrawal symptoms waiting for the new series! :P

I planted two small Hibiscus plants this year, Pinky Spot and Blue Bird. I've attached some photos of them in bloom. They're so beautiful but I fear I've planted them in the wrong spot which doesn't get a lot of sunshine (no full sun). They need full sun so I was planning to move them to a better, sunnier position.

My question is, is it ok to move them? And if so, when? I planted them back in September and they seem to have settled in well. I just want to give them more sun so they can fully bloom at their best. They've gone dormant now, would now be good?

Thank you in advance :)

Jenny (The Happy Planter) <3



  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 21,721

    Now is a good time, so long as you aren't having severe frosts. Anytime up to, including, March. As they are young, and you say small, there shouldn't be a problem. They are very pretty, but photo of size of plant may have been better.

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  • Don't be too worried by the 'full sun' bit. In reality it means a few good hours of sunshine a day, not necessarily all day, and good light and good drainage are the main requirements. If yours are flowering well, then I'd leave them alone.  As an aside, don't be too worried if they seem to be taking their time to come into leaf in spring. They are usually a long way behind most other shrubs and I'm often asked if hibiscus are dead and it's sometimes May before they show any interest in waking up. 


  • Thank you both for your replies :) Yes I should've uploaded a photo of the plant in full, I'll know for next time. They were flowering when I bought them so I don't actually know how they'll flower in their current spot but it's good to know they take a bit longer to come into leaf in the springtime :)

    I think I'll go ahead and move them once the frost stops, thank you both for your help :)

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