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Raspberries - what to do?

Happy New Year All, I'm after some advice about raspberries.

We planted some canes 2 years ago, I think they're autumn fruiting, anyway since then they have continued to send out suckers in every direction so I spent all last year digging them out. They were sadly next to my asparagus bed ???? I have kept some alive in pots just in case it is sensible to re-plant them.

I'm hoping to build a fruit cage to contain them this year so need to figure out how best to approach it. Is sending out suckers in every direction normal for all raspberry plants or should I be buying a particular type? If it is normal for suckers is it sensible to dig down and put a barrier underground at the edge of the fruit cage? If so how deep?

I'd really like to grow raspberries but don't need to be battling against stuff I have planted when I have so many other weeds, brambles and slugs to battle against already!


  • chickychicky SurreyPosts: 9,769

    Hi SarSpud -yes it is normal for raspberries to sucker.  I would think a barrier might work to contain them though - ours don't seem particularly deep rooted.  We have ours surrounded by grass that we mow - so the suckers get beheaded regularly - seems to keep on top of itimage

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  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Leicestershire, UKPosts: 11,068

    Agree, they sucker and usually not in the direction you would like them too!  The underground runners can go a long way too - I once had them pop-up the other side of a 20ft lawn (mowing probably kept them down in the lawn.)  Whenever I've dug 'wandering' raspberry roots out, they don't seem to go much deeper than about 8-10 inches so I would think a 12" deep barrier would do the job.  Pond liner would probably be ideal but a double thickness layer of a weed control membrane would likely be sufficient.

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  • SarSpudSarSpud Posts: 46

    Thanks for the advice, I'll look to add a barrier around the fruit cage. I'll give the weed membrane a go as pond liner might mess with the drainage.

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